Goofy Foot World Records

The sky is the limit and the board is wide open. 

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Patrick Haendle - Packie

01/21/2018 Retro City Festival - Pomona, CA

Super Mario Bros (U) - First to Roll Over Score

Video by Steve DeLuca


Jonas Neubauer - NubbinsGoody

01/06/2018 Twitch - Live Stream

Tetris (U) - Top Score 690,920  Top Lines 196 Top Level 25

Witnessed by Heather Ito


Jeffery Wittenhagen - TheSubCon3

8/13/2017 Game On Expo - Phoenix, AZ  

Punchout (U) - Don Flamenco 0:43.25 R1

Witnessed by Steve DeLuca  Photo by Sarah Elizabeth