Kickstarter Update.

Three weeks before PRGE I decided to start TotalRadNES and go forward with the Goofy Foot project.  This controller needed to be developed beyond a mod, making it the right way.  With help from a good friend at DEVERMIN, we had a logo, a website, a box design, t shirts, stickers, and 10,000 flyers all within 2 weeks.  With this kind of progress I figured November 11th would be an easy target for launching the Kickstarter campaign.   I had already had the circuit designed, laid out, and tested, what could be harder than that? 

As I got further along I decided I'd like to push back the Kickstarter until I was at a point, where I could feel comfortable setting a solid financial goal.  The last thing I want is to fail by running out of money after the project has been funded or overcharging everyone that wants to support.  My solution has been to finish out the design process, having all components of the Goofy Foot ready for manufacturing.    With the final design of the plastic housing and circuit board, I can get accurate manufacturing bids, letting me price the product fairly.

With this extra time, I have been working with Swedish Columbia, Rockhart Clothing, and Moto's Glass to bring some seriously awesome exclusive items to the campaign.  It won't be too far off now.  Your patience will be rewarded.