It's just begun, but what a great year so far! 

Having a bunch of friends that have had successful Kickstarters has helped keep up my aspirations throughout this process.  A special thanks goes to Shelby Cinca, of Swedish Columbia and co-creator of successful Kickstarter funded board game Zoneplex. A brother of Hardcore, we've been friends since meeting at the Black Cat in D.C., 2004.  Without his help, the Goofy Foot Kickstarter wouldn't be where it is today.  My initial direction for the Kickstarter was chaotic and confusing.  He set me straight, helping me tighten the focus of my project.

For the last 2 months Shelby has pulled together the best SynthWave artists from here in Los Angeles across to the vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains of Sweden, collaborating to create a body of work that far exceeds anything I had imaged when we first discussed the idea. 

"We're not worthy!"

With more than 13 tracks, this compilation includes new tracks from my favorite artists Scattle and El Huervo, who you all know from the Hotline Miami soundtracks.  Dude! I can't even express how rad this collection is, so many gems.  Tracks from Llamatronik and Swan Sex that sound like they were pulled from our favorite 80's classic movies and others from Street War and Ratvader that are retro video game ready. \m/

by Chris Faccone

by Chris Faccone

With new artwork by underground comic artistChris Faccone, the magnitude of awesome doesn't stop with the music.  The cover art has gone from a "Yeah!" to a "%&#@ Yeah!"

Kickstarter is a platform for exposure and I hope by attracting you with an alternative NES controller, I have also turned you on to some of my favorite artists over at Swedish Columbia.  Also checkout Rockhart Clothing, DESVERMIN, and Moto's Glass, all who have given their time and passions to help support the Goofy Foot.